Kohl’S Outdoor Chapel Is Enjoyable Experience

The Kohl’s Outdoor Chapel has been conducting Sunday services since the Memorial Day weekend. The services will continue until the Labor Day weekend.


The Kohl’s Outdoor Chapel has been conducting Sunday services since the Memorial Day weekend. The services will continue until the Labor Day weekend.


For the past two weeks, I have attended the Sunday church services at the Kohl’s Outdoor Chapel. It is a most enjoyable experience to be in the out of doors in a natural, forest setting.

The pews are flat stones, the pulpit is hewn from the pine trees as well as the cross that is a prominent feature and stands just behind the pulpit. The services start at 8:30 a.m. Most of the congregation is from homes in Kohl’s Ranch, the visitors to the Ranch and some of the campers as well as residents from the surrounding area. Everyone is welcome.

Extra fire protection

For those of us who live in or near these dry forest conditions, and the threat of wildfires is extreme, there is a level of protection that is available for the homeowner. It is called “barricade.”

It is a fire-blocking gel that can be sprayed on your property and propane tanks that acts as a “wet blanket” when a wildfire is approaching your home. For more information on this product, go to info@eqcenergy.com. More information and to order this product, call 928-478-4393. EQC is the Arizona distributor with inventory in Tonto Village.

Range Cattle

The range cattle are still in the neighborhood, but probably not as many. A few days ago I caught sight of a few of the drovers moving the cattle up the Control Road. Most people do not mind having the cattle in their back yard, or munching on the grasses in the forest, but there have been gardens munched on and fences knocked over. There needs to be a solution to the invasion of the cattle within Tonto Village.

Hellsgate Fire Department

Captain John Wisner and his fire crew have come back from fighting the Horseshoe Fire II. The firefighters have a 48-hour reprieve or down time before they can be called back into the fire line. All the firefighters are to be commended for their bravery in fighting a live thing such as fire. It is so dangerous, but the Hellsgate firefighters are very well trained.

Paula Plante, who is a fairly new Firefly, has been listening to all the supplies that are needed by all the firefighters who are on the line of fire. She approached a few businesses for donations. Biltmore Cardiology, Payson Regional Medical Center, Best Western Hotel, The Frontier House, and the Payson High School Preschool, under the direction of Ingrid Schon, donated all kinds of children’s items for the families that were burned out.

Through the Red Cross, Paula connected with Bashas’ Food Store for the delivery of all the donated items to be delivered to the Wallow Fire and the communities surrounding the fire scene. Paula is to be commended for all of her dedication to helping others and to her fellow firefighters, one of whom is her husband Jeff Plante. Thank you Paula for your big heart.

Birthdays, anniversaries

On June 18, Grant and Marie Coley of Tonto Village II will celebrate 46 years together. May you both continue to grow together in life and love. Happy anniversary to you!

Hellsgate engineer Bill Dupke of Diamond Point Summer Homes celebrated his birthday on Flag Day, June 14. Bill has been manning station #22 in Tonto Village while engineer Jeff Yunkens is on the fire line at the Horseshoe Fire II, Jeff is normally stationed at #22. Stephanie Morris of Tonto Village II celebrates her big day on June 21. Here’s hoping your birthday is wrapped in smiles.

Double D Doings

Last Tuesday evening the ladies got together and played nine-ball. The winners were Patty Boeschling, Betty Koutz and Ethel Cain.

The Thursday evening group now is a mixed group of guys and gals. The winners were Harvey Poyner, Brady Dupke and Dee White. Congratulations to all the winners.


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