Local Business Builds Dreams That Go With The Grain

Randy Wood, owner of RenWood Cabinets, Inc., demonstrates a Murphy bed he installed in a travel trailer. Wood creates custom-built trailers drawing on 35 years of experience.

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Randy Wood, owner of RenWood Cabinets, Inc., demonstrates a Murphy bed he installed in a travel trailer. Wood creates custom-built trailers drawing on 35 years of experience.


Randy and Karen Wood build dreams — mostly those involving wood.

Their motto sums it up nicely: “If you can dream it, we can build it.”

On one recent afternoon, Randy was at his desk in a custom-built, travel trailer showroom in Payson, working on a drawing of kitchen cabinets for a new project and Karen was inviting people to tour their display.


Sitting at an outside desk Randy Wood looks up from a drawing he is working on to chat with a potential customer.

The trailer had a Murphy bed, a desk, new cabinets everywhere and a partially bare wall to show what the interior looked like before the conversion.

Randy chatted about his work and how they came to convert this travel trailer into a showroom.

In the beginning, they planned to convert a flatbed trailer into a showroom.

However, they soon happened upon a wrecked travel trailer and decided they could both save money and build in key features by transforming the wrecked trailer.

Now, besides being a showroom, the travel trailer is functional and demonstrates that “custom built” means you can have it just about anyway you want it.

The toy-box setup is a great draw for prospective clients.

Randy became an apprentice to Karen’s dad; a fiery Irishman with a skill for crafting wood into just about any type of furniture or useful item. Randy has been pursuing this same goal for 35 years and shows no signs of stopping now.

After moving up from the Valley in 2000, the Woods are happy to be here.

But they still maintain a wood shop in Ahwatukee, where they actually build all the cabinets, furniture, countertops, fireplace mantels, desks and entertainment centers.

They buy most of the supplies in the Valley, then truck the final product up the hill for instillation.

Knotty elder seems to be the wood of choice in this area.

Randy was stationed at Williams Air Force Base while in the Air Force, but after discharge decided to stay in the Valley and begin his own custom wood design shop.

His favorite part of working with wood is — everything. He enjoys the process of creating what a customer wants, from doing the original drawings by hand to finishing and staining each piece.


The interior of the redone travel travel looks like a brand new space.

He also repairs or refinishes damaged wood furniture. That includes desks, shelves, countertops, wainscoting, entertainment centers, and an assortment of other wood items.

RenWood Cabinets, Inc. is the name of the company Karen and Randy operate and a contact number for them is (928) 468-1498.

People enjoy having wood furniture for many reasons.

One reason is people like Randy Wood.

It takes a special kind of person to custom build a desk so it becomes much more than just a piece of furniture.

It takes knowing your strengths, an understanding of the materials and an intuitive feel of a client’s dream to fulfill a need that satisfies everyone.

Perhaps that’s why stonemasons, carpenters, metalworkers and all persons who make things for others are given the mantel of craftsmen.


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