Ideas For Balancing The Federal Budget



Let’s give this a try, it’s as good as any:

  1. Eliminate all earmarks and I do mean all, like bridge going nowhere etc.

  2. Eliminate all subsides, no one or thing should receive subsidies if they can’t make it on their own. Ethanol is a good example of this. This would cause a much-needed lowering of prices on most all types of food and non-food products.

  3. Develop a federal value tax on all products of 1-2 percent.

  4. Any persons receiving $250,000 or more after taxes should pay for their own health insurance and contribute a token amount in supporting health insurance and Social Security.

  5. Cut all federal employees taxes who make over $60,000 per year in salaries by 5 percent.

  6. Eliminate the EPA or at least de-power its authority on such stupid things as saving the blunt nose lizard, the Delta minnow and too many other items to list here. The EPA should be under the state or something like that, not the feds.

  7. Stop or curtail all these foreign countries funding. Let’s put America first for a change.

  8. Eliminate the Federal Department of Education and let each state take care of their own.

I am sure there are many, many, other federal departments that can be eliminated.

It’s a fact that health care and Obamacare need some alterations for the future or it will go under, the same can be said for Social Security.

All the above could be in force until the federal budgets are once again in balance.

Obama’s course is taking us right down the road to socialism. Karl Marx once said, “One must destroy the old so it can be replaced by the new.” Well, Obama is doing an excellent job of this, Europe is a good example of what socialism can do, it’s a mess. Do we want the same?

Obamacare should be eliminated and start all over using the old as base.

Ed Welge


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