Not Finding Any Negatives To Asu Campus In Payson



In response to the letters published June 10 and 14 referencing the ASU campus “What’s the rush?”

I personally thank Mayor Evans every time I have the opportunity for the time, energy and influence he has invested in pursuit of an addition of a four-year college (hopefully ASU) to our beautiful town. We are privileged to have him serve as our mayor.

For those of us who are excited about the college and sometimes grow impatient with the slow progress, Mayor Evans has had to remind us that it is a project that will take a number of years to see completed. In other words, we won’t wake up one morning anytime soon and see 6,000 students, plus faculty and staff, suddenly shopping, dining, and purchasing services in our community. Too bad!

Many of our residents were drawn to Payson because it is viewed as a perfect active adult retirement community. It is beautiful, has a great climate, low crime rate, it boasts many outdoor activities, etc. If you visit the Internet’s list of the top retirement communities, the one thing that most have in common is the presence of a four-year college. Active retired adults are looking for cultural activities and educational opportunities as well as other amenities a small town can provide.

The community college along with the addition of a four-year college offers Payson students the opportunity to pursue their education locally. It will be more affordable and may result in their pursuing careers locally.

The possibility of a December groundbreaking for the college could make a big difference to those individuals and businesses that are struggling through a less than robust economy. If people are working and businesses are doing well, the entire community benefits.

I guess I am having a hard time finding the negatives.

Diane Enos


Dan Varnes 5 years, 7 months ago

QUOTE: "Active retired adults are looking for cultural activities and educational opportunities as well as other amenities a small town can provide."

Then it looks like they made a mistake by choosing Payson for their retirement community. Instead of trying to change Payson to suit their wants, they really should have moved to a medium sized town (100,000 residents) with the amenities they now seek here. Many of them simply won't have the time to wait for the university's completion.

They're seeking to change a small retirement town into something that it isn't suited to, one that a large but quiet segment of the town does NOT want to see.

It's obvious that just about every small business owner in Payson thinks that an ASU campus is going to land them a windfall of money. They seek growth, mainly for the sake of their bottom line and will gladly accept the permanent changes in Payson, if they're able to get a piece of it, that is.


Rex Hinshaw 5 years, 7 months ago

Again Mr. Varnes....Payson is NOT a retirement town ! Payson is much more and people of all ages have the RIGHT to live here.


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