Congratulations To The Town Council Of Payson



The go-ahead of building a full ASU campus in Payson, is the very best news for the Town of Payson since the early 1990s.

Even though it is our fundamental right to agree or disagree to such a decision, my question to those who object the “ASU campus” issue is very simple one: Do you walk through Payson with closed eyes? Don’t you see that Payson is a dying city?

The number of businesses that closed is terrifying, The ASU campus should be seen as a life line and should be seen as a blessing by all Payson residents.

In the past 10 years the city was kept mainly alive by senior citizens who built their retirement homes here and spent their hard-earned savings and pension incomes in Payson.

The future retirees are not in such a good position, as everyone knows that most companies no longer offer company pensions and other benefits.

Peter Pingel


Pat Randall 5 years, 7 months ago

What council meeting was the college voted on? And was it discussed in a public council meeting before the vote? Any time I talked to a council member they never had any answers to what was going on with ASU.


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