The Race Of Time And The Onslaught Of Technology


Much of these columns have to do with coming events with their dates and times. Summer is approaching the mid mark.

We talk of time as racing by or running out, as though it was a finite commodity. I think that is because often we fail to stop and appreciate what is going on, only to later reflect on what we have missed.

A trip to the cell phone store brought this home to me this week. The folks there were helpful and polite, but very much impressed with their own knowledge. I had gone in to try to learn about smart phones. It was sort of silly, actually.

My phone is already smarter than I am. Yet, here I was contemplating a device even Dick Tracy couldn’t imagine. (For you younger folks out there, Dick Tracy was a comic book police detective who wore a wrist radio to communicate with headquarters.)

Today we carry devices that connect us with the world from wherever we are.

Unfortunately, they also separate us, fostering a sort of artificial relationship with others, as we give ourselves over to the race of time at the expense of true inter-personal relationships.

There are things we learn when we’re young and forget when we’re too busy: things like respect, sensitivity, attentiveness and caring; little kindnesses that become a source of strength later.

Here is a thought. Whenever you think something nice about someone, tell them! Face to face instead of Facebook.

Get a cuppa and sit down to write a real letter, on paper, with a pen — how archaic! Or dial the phone for a personal (and private) conversation. It is so much more intimate and kind. It is also how we will teach the even younger persons in our life about really important values.

We live in a cold, competitive world, and hearing that we’re loved, smart, attractive, and fun from someone whose opinion we really value, means everything. So become the instigator, the originator, of telling people you care for them.

In this case, I have to use the newspaper. Thanks for reading, dear ones. You mean a great deal to me. For me, I love how you stop me while I am out and about, to tell me you enjoy the column.

You all are fun and sometimes funny. You are sincere and passionate. You care about others and are generous with your efforts and time.

During these encounters, I get to thank you in person for reading, and reflect on my way home about the plethora of really fine folks that live in our communities and neighborhoods.

Technology has its purposes. Together we will use it to keep ourselves informed. Write me at and share your thoughts, your events, your achievements, your joys, and your interests. Thanks!

Here is a short list of the things you need to know this week:

A fun (but important) meeting

Some meetings are chock-full of business and guest speakers and a frenzy of activity. Here is one a little less hectic, but well worth attending.

The Pine Library Friends will meet on Monday, June 27 at noon in the Library Activity Room located right behind the Cultural Hall in Pine. The meeting is open to the community and a potluck will be shared. Bring friends and food! Beverage, plates and utensils will be furnished. Good conversation, good food, good friends, new and old, and an opportunity to do good in the community. Call Helen at 476-4759 for more information.

Fire on the Rim Mountain Bike Race

Here is a meeting reminder for all of you. This inaugural event needs your help. You are invited to volunteer for trail repair and race day help.

There will be a speaker from the Arizona Trails Association to provide information on being a Gateway Community for the Arizona Trail Hikers.

Meet at the Senior Dining Hall on June 28 at 6 p.m. Bring your family and friends to get involved and help out.

Remember, this event is us helping ourselves to provide the funds to help keep our communities fire safe. No small matter, especially this summer!

Fourth of July Arts & Craft Festival

Can you believe it? The Fourth of July is just around the corner!

This holiday has always seemed to be the half-way mark of summer. With it comes the July Arts & Crafts Festival at the Pine Community Center ramada on July 2-3. More than 80 booths of stained glass, jewelry, wood, pottery, baskets, knitted and crocheted items, along with art work, greeting cards, candles and who knows what all else. And, the fire department is hosting a pancake breakfast.

The Senior Center will be serving Navajo tacos and other food vendors will be tempting your palate. The hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday.


The Second Saturday Shop Hop in Pine and Strawberry will be on July 9. What a great opportunity to score some really cool things and at a great price as well! Let’s keep some of our shopping dollars in our own communities.

Finally, here’s a teaser leaked by the Bear Restaurant this past week: the Riff Raff Rifle Raffle will be in September. Stay tuned.


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