Hate To See Grandchildren Burdened With Debt



What caused our anti-war president who directed the closure of Gitmo as his first act with a presidential memorandum, to change into this creature that has us deeply involved in three wars now with Libya, and heading for a fourth one by launching missiles into Yemen.

We are being spent into oblivion by shovel-ready projects that didn’t produce jobs, saved mostly union jobs at the auto industries, and has a national labor relations board fighting the Boeing Co. trying to build a plant in South Carolina because it’s a right-to-work state like Arizona.

I hate to see my grandchildren saddled with debt load that my/our generation created by actions taken with complete disregard for the effect on our country and its people and its future generations.

War is a very wasteful undertaking and anyone that thinks you can stimulate the economy by printing more depreciating dollars and increasing our borrowing from possible future enemies is smoking something bad.

One of the most ludicrous statements I’ve heard lately coming out of Washington, D.C. is the call to generate more manufacturing jobs. Doesn’t our leadership realize by now that we sent most of our manufacturing jobs overseas to increase profits at the higher levels, while sacrificing good incomes at the working/manufacturing level?

I give up. Wonder if I can find some of that good stuff that they’re smoking back there in the D.C. Wheelhouse?

John Oppertshauser


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