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Last month we wrote a story of our dog named Payson, who was adopted from the Payson animal shelter in 2000 at 5 weeks old, became a certified therapy dog, and sadly passed away last month to a brain tumor. The loss of our Payson has been devastating and depressing. To help cope, we placed Payson’s ashes in a special-made pillow so we can take him places and hug him whenever we want.

June 17 would have been Payson’s 11th birthday. I had said to my wife, “Let’s celebrate Payson’s life by going to Payson for the weekend. We’ll bring his pillow and his spirit, and do the things he loved doing, such as walk around Woods Canyon Lake, Green Valley Park, and staying at the Best Western Payson Inn.”

Payson’s brother Moe has been lost without his big brother, as they were inseparable. My wife said, “If and when we get another dog, it should be a little girl because Moe needs a sister.” Over and over, she said, “Moe needs a sister. When the time is right, a sister dog will find us, we won’t find her.”

On the morning of Payson’s birthday, June 17, I was walking Moe on the grounds of the Payson Inn, and a very nice gentleman staying several rooms from us happened to be walking his dog at the same time. When the two dogs greeted each other, it was love at first sight. Moe, a 95-pound Burmese Mountain dog-Lab mix, was bouncing off his feet like a jack rabbit who won the lottery! As we laughed I said, “Moe just lost his brother and some day we’ll get him a sister.” He replied, “Would you like to take her home? We’re fostering her and we travel extensively for work, she needs a stable home, and her name is Sister.”

Sure enough, I looked at her I.D. tag, and above the phone number was her name. It read, Sister. I said, “I believe Moe just found his sister.” I ran to the sliding door of our hotel room, and yelled to my wife, “Can you come out? And hurry up! Moe just found his sister!” She came out, looked at both dogs enjoying each other’s company, and saw the name Sister on the tag. We all got choked up.

Call it a miracle, call it God’s will, call in divine intervention or perhaps canine divine intervention, call it Payson’s spirit, call it a coincidence or luck, however it’s viewed, it’s nothing short of a miracle which happened, once again, in the town of Payson. Our first miracle was rescuing Payson 11 years ago.

We just got back home to Mesa with Moe and his new found sister, Sister. When Payson died, he had unfinished business, and now his work is complete. After his passing, he knew we were grieving terribly, and his spirit put this sequence of events together, so we can now move on and love another animal from now through old age.

Sister won’t replace Payson, but she will help us heal and we will help her live a great life. Sister, thanks to Moe and Payson (both in spirit and the town), has found her forever home.

Thank you again, town of Payson, for yet another miracle, and thank you to her foster parents, for the honor of adding Sister to our family. She will be forever loved by us.

Marc and Patti Stern



Rex Hinshaw 5 years, 6 months ago

This is one of the nicest stories I have read in this newspaper.


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