Register With A Party To Vote In Primary



Some people want to see the president returned to office next year.

For those people, there is no problem. He is certain to be nominated by his party.

For some of the rest of us, there may be a problem that we are not aware of. There are a number of possible candidates for president in the Republican side of the ballot. Under the current regulations, if you wish to vote for a particular Republican presidential candidate, you must be registered as a Republican. In other words, if you favor Republican Ron Paul or Republican Michele Bachman over one of the other contestants, you must first register as a Republican.

Only Republicans will be able to vote for the Republican candidate for president at the election to be held in February of next year. If you have an interest is registering as a Republican or changing your current registration to the Republican Party, please do so.

If you need aid in doing this important civic task, please feel free to call 951-0325 and we will help you. Remember Honest Abe.

Andy McKinney, president,

Rim Country Republican Club


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