Board Should Answer Property Owner’S Questions



In Tuesday’s issue of the Roundup you published a letter from a Mr. Warren of Gilbert, who apparently also owns property in Pine, and in his letter Mr. Warren made it clear that he is not a supporter of the PSWID board and he objects to paying the price he is charged for water service.

He also asks several questions of the board. Now, while I am not in agreement with the sentiments expressed by Mr. Warren, I do believe his questions are reasonable and deserve to be answered, and if they are, perhaps we can move on and continue to improve our water system without dealing with the same questions over and over again.

So, I ask the board to kindly answer Mr. Warren’s questions, in writing, and send a copy of the questions and answers to each and every PSWID customer for future reference.

I also ask that the board consider having one meeting per month on a Saturday so more absentee property owners like Mr. Warren can attend and participate as he and others have expressed they would.

Personally, I would prefer that the Saturday meeting start with a re-cap of the previous weekday meetings so these folks can catch up with the current events that affect them as a part of the PSWID customer base.

Also, it would be outstanding if the Saturday meeting could be dedicated to ONLY questions and answers so more work can be accomplished during the weekday meetings without interruptions from people with questions that can wait until the Saturday meeting.

The people elected to the water board asked for the job, no one pushed them to the platform, and questions come with the job, as well as the obligation to answer the questions. However, that does not mean that the board needs to waste any time answering the same question twice, much less every week just because it is now asked by someone who has not taken the time to review the answers already given, so perhaps a FAQ section on the PSWID Web site, which is updated weekly, would go along way toward reducing the number of questions, eventually.

I will believe, until I am shown otherwise, that people with questions will be more inclined to support the decisions made by the board members if they are assured that their questions matter to the board and that they will be given an honest, accurate, and thorough answer.

I fully understand that there will be those who will not accept any answer other than that which they themselves already believe, but, so long as every answer is truthful, that is all a reasonable person should expect, and that is all he or she is entitled to hear. Now, do so, and you will probably keep your job. Fail to (try) to satisfy your customers questions, or lie to us, and we will hang you out to dry.

Everything you say, and do, is scrutinized by someone when you hold a public position. If you are not in tune with this reality, step down and let someone who is take over the duties of that position so we can put an end to the bickering driven by misunderstanding that plagues our community.

Mr. Warren asked legitimate questions which only the board can answer, so please, answer his questions for both his benefit, and the benefit of all concerned.

Jim Estess



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