Arizona Does Not Appreciate Contribution Of Immigrants



Ronald Reagan understood the benefits of positive motivation.

Equal opportunity, diversity, and competition drive our future, but Arizona does not appreciate the contribution of immigrants. Our message is one of greed, envy, deceit, wrath, and revenge. “It’s the law,” however, 10 million illegals already are here.

For 40 years, illegal immigration was ignored while elites profited. Now we need to fix it, but do we want an exodus? My company employed immigrants. One engineer came on a visa that expired, worked 25 years in the defense industry, had a ouse and family, was caught and deported. Years later the newspaper reported that his child had become the student of the year at MCC and was employed in the electronics industry.

Many immigrants have advanced degrees and speak two or more languages. They work long hours without pay and give up vacations to prove themselves. In return we propose that our “American Dream” is to punish innocent children and require all of us to prove citizenship to use the hospital emergency room. The aging and retirement of the baby boom generation argues for more immigration and jobs to provide economic stimulation. Arizona’s policy is like kicking the dog. It provides a feeling satisfaction but does not change long-term behavior and may result in unintended consequences.

We can’t afford this discord in Arizona and should take a leadership position on comprehensive immigration with a pragmatic policy where illegals bear the cost and benefits of policies that include streamlining elements of amnesty.

George Templeton


Dan Varnes 5 years, 10 months ago

Once more, for the 1000'th time, until weak-minded people like Mr. Templeton finally get it: : Illegal aliens are not immigrants, they are trespassers.

Immigrants first obtain permission before entering our country; illegal aliens do not.

America deserves respect from those who come here. Illegal aliens show contempt for our country. The more of them we deport, the better the future of our country.


Dan Varnes 5 years, 10 months ago

Well, intelligent people do know the difference, but people who are ruled by emotion often try to blur the two, very different subjects.

"QUOTE: " we want an exodus?"

An "exodus" of illegal aliens? YES! We absolutely want that!

When I see the many unused school buses sitting in the PHS parking area, I have wonderful visions of them filled to the brim with illegal invaders and their anchor babies, all making "a run for the border."

Tomorrow would not be too soon.


don evans 5 years, 10 months ago

Just a question Mr.Templeton. How many so called immigrants do you personally support or have living in your home? Mr. Varnes clearly defined the difference between a true immigrant wanting to become a US citizen and an illegal alien leech using our resources for free and sending any wage they earn here back to Mexico. Then gaming the system by having their anchor babies. Try doing that in Mexico and see what happens. Hasta La Vista baby......


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