Sign Of The Times



As the police chief said in his recent article, “It’s just another sign of the times,” he’s totally correct. When a man sees his family hurting for the basics of life, food, housing, clothes, etc., he changes into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

For most men, your family is the first thing in your life you love more than yourself. So when you have no job and the bills are due, you steal and whatever else you need to do to hang on to your basic pride as a provider.

I realize, some steal no matter how good the economy is, but some feel their families would be better off if they were in jail because the state would feed and house them.

Having said that, my tolerance for criminals ends there. The thing we can do to help the police is, write down the serial numbers, and take pictures of everything you have of value. The police can’t begin to recover your property if you can’t identify it. How many of us know the license plate number of our cars?

The other thing we can do is get some volunteers together with a list if stolen articles, armed with the serial numbers and pictures, and start going to some yard sales and pawn shops in the local area — Rye, Strawberry, Pine, etc.

The police have had their budgets cut so drastically that they have to answer the priority calls first. Lock up your bikes, get their serial numbers as well. We have to help the police to help us, cause it’s too late when the horse is out of the barn.

Dell Owens


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