Star Valley Wants To Prepare Rules For Marijuana Dispensary


Drafting a medical marijuana dispensary ordinance as tough as Payson’s would likely leave no room for one in Star Valley, town officials say.

Payson’s ordinance requires dispensaries sit 500 feet away from residential areas, schools, parks and churches with grow fields only in industrial zones.

Given Star Valley’s small commercial corridor and lack of an industrial area, there may be no place for a dispensary in town.

In addition, Star Valley has no area zoned for industrial use, which is where Payson is requiring grow fields be located. On Monday, Star Valley’s building official Joe Janusz measured off distances from residential and commercial areas, trying to determine if any area of town meet the proposed requirements.

“It may be difficult to fit those parameters,” said Town Attorney/Manager Tim Grier. “We are going to be very concerned with distances.”

While Grier said the town is not actively recruiting a dispensary, it does want to prepare if one tries to move in.

On Feb. 15, the town council asked Grier to draft an ordnance that combined Payson’s rules with independent consultant Terry Smith’s proposals.

Grier drafted an ordinance and realized it could severely limit a dispensary opening.

“I would like to get a clear view from council on what they want me to do,” he said. “Before putting a final ordinance in front of council.” The council meets at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Star Valley Town Hall.


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