Additional $600 Million In Cuts Would Kill The Town Of Payson



To Sen. Allen. I am Christine Murphy. I am a resident of Payson and I work for the Payson Unified School District. I am the LEA (Local Education Area) nutrition coordinator K-12 PUSD which means I am the department secretary for the fiveschool cafeterias we have in PUSD. I am also the parent of a 20-year-old who is in her second year at Northern Arizona University.

I am writing to protest the latest $600 million in cuts in the Senate budget targeting our universities, public schools, cities and towns.

This will kill the town of Payson. We need an ASU campus for several reasons. #1 — ASU would be a shot in the arm for Payson’s economy. ASU students would spend money and unemployed local citizens would get work and also spend money. #2 — Payson and many surrounding cities need a lower cost alternative to a college diploma. If you can’t afford a college education you remain on the lower rung financially and our current problems remain. There is no improvement.

At Payson Unified School District we educate overover 2,000 students in five schools. As of February, 64 percent of our students qualify for the National School Lunch Program (free/reduced meals). With your proposed budget, that will increase.

We have lost 100 students every year for the last five years which already is a big loss financially to the school district. These are unsustainable numbers. We are closing an entire elementary school at the end of this school year. We add to the unemployment numbers and more families will qualify for free/reduced meals. Class sizes increase at the other elementary schools. One more child won’t get a college education. All this just as a reaction to more funding cuts? Arizona is already last in student funding — how can we get any worse? There is no improvement.

Speaking of adding to the unemployment numbers, do you think this will improve your re-election chances?

Please reverse the $600 million in cuts. Please don’t kill Payson.

I am writing as a Payson resident, not as an employee of Payson Unified School District.

Christine Murphy


Dan Varnes 5 years, 9 months ago

QUOTE: "Arizona is already last in student funding — how can we get any worse?"

Here's what we're interested in, Christine: Dollars spent vs. SAT scores.

FACT: Increased spending on public / government controlled school systems DOES NOT lead to increased SAT scores.

You probably already knew this. I wish every taxpayer did.


Justin Eubank 5 years, 9 months ago

As a newly Payson Resident, from Tucson, AZ - I do not believe that Payson High School (Do not know about the other schools) Adequately teaches these kids.

Sure they can memorize and then regurgitate for a test a week later - But did they learn critical thinking skills? Ability to decipher information, research it themselves, ask questions?

The Freshmen class does not even have a clue about the Holocaust.

I believe a step away from Testing, and a step closer to real Parent involvement. Get the kids to learn something about Values, convictions, loyalty, and honor. So they hold something dear to themselves. Show them things that opens there mind when they leave school at 18. Other than " Im going to be a car mechanic"


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