An Attack On Public Unions Is An Attack On Us All



Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is trying to eviscerate Wisconsin unions by denying public employees the right to collective bargaining and firing any worker that disagrees.

It reminds me of Rev. Martin. Niemoller’s poem “First they came for …” written decades ago. It might read like this today:

First they declared corporations were “people,” and I didn’t complain because I’m already a person. Then they made unlimited money “speech,” and I didn’t complain because the American Dream says I’ll be rich someday, too. Then they commandeered the means of production by shipping our greatest strength — manufacturing — overseas, because they don’t have bothersome unions over there, and I didn’t complain because Walmart has cheap stuff.

Then they bought the news so they could convince everyone it’s always been this way, and I didn’t complain because it’s always been this way. Then they lied us into wars and I didn’t complain because I’m not a soldier, or an Iraqi, or an Afghani. Then they started locking people up because they said they could and I didn’t complain because nobody locked me up.

Then they started spying on everyone because they said they could and I didn’t complain because I’m a real American. Then they came for the workers, but thanks to supply-side trickle-down economics, I don’t have a job. This truth is self-evident. They are coming for you, and they are relentless.

Stand up. For your country, for your family, for yourself. Stand up. Be heard.

Larry Brophy


don evans 5 years, 10 months ago

And all the drugs I have taken have made me seriously paranoid.


Mike Suchman 5 years, 10 months ago

By law public employees are just that. Also by law they are unable to go on "strike" or any other job actions that hampers the public life. How many times have we seen only 1 or 2 guys working on a project and several others just looking on? Now everybody is having to "cut the fat" from budgets, so what makes unions any different. They dont. I for one aplaude Gov. Walker and every other Gov. trying to get their fiscial house in order!


John Lemon 5 years, 10 months ago

Mr. Brophy apparently believes that "unionism" is synonymous with "Americanism". Though I support fairness and decency toward all workers, I disagree with Mr. Brophy. In fact, I think that the old-fashioned industrial unionism has contributed toward placing us in the dire straights that we are in now. Gov.Walker has not taken away all of the rights of workers- just some of those that are hurting the taxpaying public.


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