Christopher Creek Is Huge Compared To Some Communities


Hello again, fellow Creekers.

It’s time for another installment of “better know your neighbor.” This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Linda Bailey. Linda is actually one of the first people I ever met in Christopher Creek. Every time I’ve seen Linda she’s super nice and always has a friendly greeting for whoever she runs into. I first met Linda at the Creekside Restaurant where she still works today.

Linda is originally from Swatara, Minn., where she still owns a home and property. Swatara is a little town in Minnesota about 80 miles from the Canadian border. And when I say a little town I mean a little town. The population was 30 people! Christopher Creek is huge compared to where she’s from. She goes to Payson about once every three months for the big city life.

Her daughter Amanda is having another baby — Linda’s fourth grandchild. Amanda just got back from Afghanistan serving in the Army. She is now going to college.

So, what brought Linda to Christopher Creek? She has family that lives in Payson. Her brother moved there two months before she did. She originally only came here for two weeks to check it out and decided to give it a shot. And as of March 20 she celebrated her six-year anniversary of living in Christopher Creek. Her oldest grandson still thinks she’s “camping.” She currently has two brothers and her father that live in Payson.

If she wasn’t living here, she says she’d probably still be living back in Swatara. One of her favorite hobbies is just hanging out by the creek and reading a book. She used to do this along the Mississippi River when she was younger and her affinity for nature and the water is still as strong as ever.

Linda says every day is memorable up here. She likes to just hang out with her friends at Wheeler Inn.

On the first day she was moving in she did meet face-to-face with a big elk, which was the first time she’s seen one. Certainly that would be memorable!

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Thanks again for reading the column.


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