School Board Considers Sick Leave Cap


The Payson Unified School District board will meet on Monday and likely make a decision on a contentious plan to cap sick pay for retiring and laid-off teachers.

The board could also make changes in the district’s policy concerning vacation time for administrators and rehiring retired teachers with skills the district needs.

Finally, in the face of deep proposed cuts in state support for education, the board will also discuss the political priorities for the Arizona School Boards Association.

Superintendent Casey O’Brien said the board could make final decisions on each of those issues, trying to clear the decks for what promises to be an agonizing series of decisions on the budget for the fiscal year that starts in July.

The school board has already reacted to prospects of a $930,000 deficit with a decision to close Frontier Elementary School and lay off 22 employees, half of them teachers.


Justin Eubank 5 years, 10 months ago

Its interesting to me - Payson seems broke. However, they spend money on "Roundabouts" because people are afraid of left hand turns -

Star Valley is buying businesses because it doesn't equal there values,

Road projects that need an "Environmental Study" with im sure, a private contract of "Environmentally safe size" that have been in limbo from what I heard of 5 years.

Get real - Get the council and mayor to take some money out of those "Life changing, real projects" (General Fund) and put it in the school district. Teachers arent teachers nowadays anymore - They just read from a book. but they deserve sick pay, a decent salary, and a pension (reasonable).


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