Beware Of Callers Seeking Credit Card Information



A telephone call on March 24 from a man with “the Stanford Company in Long Island, New York,” indicated he was with a company that places business people in touch with others and that he could help me find work as a copy editor, at no cost to me. In the future, I was told, I could upgrade the listing to a variety of levels and costs, if I so desired.

The fellow had some information concerning the fact that I have done professional copy editing, and he wanted added information. I provided information only concerning my vocation.

Then, while the professional listing had been touted as being available to me without cost, he said the lowest listing he could provide would be $9.95 per month. And he asked for a credit card number.

“I do not provide credit card information to telephone solicitors,” I said. He became quite insistent, to the point of being ugly. Previously, he had been very pleasant, and clearly he thought he had gained my confidence.

“Thank you for your call,” I said, and I hung up.

As a warning to readers, don’t ever provide credit card information to a telephone solicitor, for any reason.

Carole Mathewson


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