Speed Trap Sullies Payson



My wife got what she thought was an unfair speeding ticket last week. I Googled Star Valley speed trap and got page after page of complaints about the infamous trap.

It is damaging Payson’s reputation and certainly could be negatively impacting local merchants. Even though Payson has nothing to do with the trap, you get the “bad press” because the payment address is in Payson. I would hope the good citizens of Payson would ask their Arizona state attorney to look into the Star Valley speed trap.

Ernest Norris

Durango, Colo.


Pat Randall 5 years, 10 months ago

Mr. Norris, How many people do you know that think they deserve a speeding ticket? Why would it affect Payson by the address? People that live 15 or 20 miles from Payson have Payson addresses on thier mail and thier mailbox is right by the road in front of thier houses. Pay the ticket and don't let your wife drive thru Star Valley. If she can't read the warning signs telling her there are rader cameras ahead, maybe she should not be driving. Especially all the way from Colorado. I am sure there are speed limit signs on the highway all the way to Star Valley. It isn't like the camera jumps out in front of her with no warning.


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