Teen Pleads Guilty To Attempted Kidnapping, Assault


It happened near the baseball fields at Payson High School almost two years ago. Then senior Tyler Joseph Wilson went into the dugout to talk with a juvenile student. A few minutes later, students watched as the girl ran out of the dugout crying hysterically, looking like she had just been raped.

The girl told police Wilson had trapped her and grabbed her repeatedly against her will before she could run away. Wilson, 18, admitted he touched the girl and tickled her, but it was “not that sexual.”

Although he told the court he did nothing wrong, Wilson pleaded guilty to attempted kidnapping and sexual assault of a juvenile.

On Feb. 18, Judge Peter Cahill sentenced Wilson to serve a year in jail, supervised probation and to register as a sex offender. A charge of child molestation was dismissed.

According to court records, on Sept. 18, two PHS students told the school’s resource officers that they had watched Wilson and a girl identified as “S” go into the dugout.

Minutes later, S came out with her hair disheveled and with red marks on her face and chest. S told the witnesses that Wilson had refused to stop touching her.

Wilson told police that he had tickled S and his hand had accidentally slipped down her pants.

In a written statement, Wilson said he was wrongfully accused.

“When we left the dugout everything was fine when we left together,” he said. “I pled guilty only for the facts that I’m still young and one year is better than 20.

“Either way the justice system failed and I was screwed.

“I refuse to accept responsibility and I would never have met her knowing this is how it would turn out.”

S told police that Wilson had chased her around the dugout before trapping her. He then held her from behind and grabbed her while she yelled “stop” and “no” multiple times.

Wilson said he asked to talk with S in the dugout after he learned she had reportedly been making derogatory remarks about his friends.

“Although he did not elaborate on their contact, he admitted they did engage in some sexual relations, but did not believe their contact would have caused her to make these erroneous accusations against him,” according to court documents.

A court evaluator noted that Wilson expressed no remorse or concern for the trauma he inflicted on the victim and he was prompted by his own self pleasure.

Wilson was expelled from PHS. During incarceration, he received his GED.


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