Man Provided Great Inspiration



My broken heart is filled with joy this morning as I ponder what David Wilkerson must be seeing. David Wilkerson was killed in a terrible automobile accident Wednesday afternoon, April 27. His faith is now sight!

He is now among the “great cloud of witnesses” that have given us such inspiration. David Wilkerson was a gift to the church of Jesus Christ. If the writers of the Book of Hebrews would have known his story, David Wilkerson would have been mentioned in the “Hall of Faith” listed in chapter #11. It probably would have said something like this: By faith Pastor Wilkerson went to New York City to show the love of Christ to five convicted gang members. By faith he began to minster to young gang members in New York City, putting himself in danger.

Today, because of David Wilkerson’s faith in Jesus Christ there are teen challenge centers all over the world. David Wilkerson started a church in New York City called Times Square Church that now runs about 8,000 people with 103 different nationalities. In Christ there are no racial barriers! David Wilkerson also started a ministry called World Challenge. They send out newsletters every three weeks with powerful, anointed messages. I’ve been getting them for over 17 years. World Challenge feeds the poor all over the world as they share the love of Christ. World Challenge has never once asked for donations. All of their literature and sermons are sold at cost. In fact, if people can’t afford it, they give their resources away! You might ask, “How does World Challenge survive?” God miraculously provides for their ministry because it has His heart!

David Wilkerson was a modern-day hero of the Christian faith! He modeled love and humility. He will be greatly missed. May God raise up more men and women of faith like David Wilkerson in this generation!

Kelly Wooldridge

Lead Pastor

Payson First Assembly of God


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