Teenagers In School Need Help



Although I am relatively new to being a full-time resident here in Payson, I have been coming up here since the mid ’60s.

Last fall I felt “lucky” that I made the choice to move up here for good. Still having one child at home who is in high school, I thought it would be a great place for him and we can finally settle our roots once more.

One of the first comments from work colleagues and “friends of friends” was regarding the local high school. Let’s just say each opinion was not favorable. I was told of kids who dropped out, how the administration changed so much and there were huge issues with that.

Not one person had anything good to say. My own son came home the first day and expressed his shock at how disrespectful both the kids and the teachers were to each other, to the point of things being thrown in the classroom and constant yelling.

I often feel for many teachers these days. If they can’t have respect and discipline in the classroom, along with teaching in a way the kids are going to be interested in learning, how the heck are our kids supposed to be graduating with success and moving on into the world to have a successful life? Times are hard enough.

I understand that budget cuts make a big difference in school programs, but does money have to affect the “style” of teaching kids? Get creative in the way of teaching! What is really the problem?

Too many people are “discounting” these young kids and labeling them with the assumption of being “losers, nothing but trouble,” I personally see value that is just covered up. These kids are going to be our future. Don’t we want to give them the best opportunities?

I’m told that no one wants to step up and start a parents-teachers organization. Then I will take the steps to help our kids feel of value. Is there anyone out there who will help me with the teenagers around here to help them feel they have value and how important being educated is for their future? If you have opinions, suggestions or are interested in helping, please e-mail me at ourstuffcompany@ yahoo.com.

Lisa Kaiser


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