Business Should Not Be The Deciding Factor



I was misquoted in the Roundup article covering the April 25 Forest Service open house for the proposed Fossil Creek management plan. In the article I was quoted as saying I did not support limited access to Fossil Creek “... so some guy with a van can make a profit.” Rather the concern I expressed was in response to the clarification by the Forest Service that shuttle access will be mandatory seven days a week; not only on weekends and holidays as was previously reported by the Roundup.

As the Forest Service explained, shuttle access will also be required Monday through Friday, so the shuttle concessionaire can have a viable business opportunity.

I had expressed my concern that access to this area will be restricted even on days outside the high traffic use of this natural resource and that a business opportunity should not be a deciding factor.

I also expressed concern that access to the Verde River and national forest land beyond the high traffic zone is also proposed to be restricted.

Any of us who enjoy that country need to be aware the current plan proposes to lock us out of these natural resources seven days a week for half the year.

We should all be concerned over such heavy-handed management of our natural resources.

Anyone who’s been in the canyon over the last couple of years on a weekend will acknowledge the need for limiting unrestricted access to the high traffic zone. However, the viability of a business opportunity should not limit our access to this area.

Brian Goble

Editor’s note: The story quoted Mr. Goble correctly. We sympathize with his concern that the partial quote may have been misunderstood by some readers. However, the story stated that most of the participants supported restrictions on the weekend, but questioned the need for the shuttle service during weekdays. The quote in the story supported that generalization, which Mr. Goble restated in his letter above.


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