Payson Students Have Talent



Growing up within sight of the New York City skyline I’ve seen my share of what Broadway has to offer. What I experienced Saturday night in a small theater on the Payson High School campus was every bit as memorable.

Some very talented young ladies and gentlemen performed a wonderful on-stage rendition of “Up the Down Staircase.” This was not an easy performance to pull off; these kids managed it brilliantly.

The set was very clever and must have been extremely challenging on a shoestring budget. Everything from the wardrobe to the hairstyles brought the stage to life. Clearly, much hard work went into this endeavor.

I give these kids a lot of credit, as well as the director, Thomas Walling and the head of the drama department, Mrs. Kathy Siler.

Don’t miss some of the best talent Rim Country has to offer. These guys are great!

This production is especially relevant if you are one who has devoted your life to education. Ultimately, this play is a tribute to school teachers everywhere; for the work they do, the challenges they face and the difference they make. That difference is plain to see in this group of young people. Bravo!

Edward Price


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