A Case For Term Limits



We keep wondering why our elected politicians do not abide our (their constituents’) wishes after we send them to Congress.

There are a number of reasons of why this happens:

  1. They are now at a distance from their voters.

  2. Their area of domicile is changed to that of a select few supposed leaders of the U.S.

  3. The re-elected ones gain unearned power (seniority) which in turn paves the way for them to be appointed to the prestigious positions of the Senate or the House.

  4. The new elected ones are at the bottom of the ladder and normally have little power to do other than what the senior members dictate.

  5. The older ones begin to feel so secure that they disregard the reason that they were sent to Congress. They begin to bask in the power of their position and plan their route to become millionaires. Their seniority and vote aids in this quest.

I could likely go on, but I think you get the jest of my thinking.

I’m thinking that the solution would be term limits of 12 years maximum for Congress members would go a long way toward correcting the aristocracy actions of most of our present congressional members.

Also, there would be no retirement program paid for by the government and also, I would stipulate that any health insurance for members would be paid for by the member of Congress. Their present pay is more than adequate to allow them to pay their own way.

Our forefathers intended that the members of Congress were to be elected to represent their constituents and not cater to the wants and desires of wealthy lobbyists.

Also, they did not expect the members of Congress to raise their wages to such an extent that it would pay to be a “lifer” politician.

Sure, it would have to be a Constitutional amendment to get term limits, but do you really think that is too much to ask for? I certainly believe that it would be approved by the proper number of states (34) and then some.

C.W. Smith


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