Where Is The Service?



The Forest Service should change their name to “Serving Forest Revenue.” The only service they seem to perform these days is to collect additional fees they pull out of their green hats.

The “Service” is now in the process of awarding private contractors the right to charge the taxpayers, who have already paid for the privilege once through taxes, to walk, park, camp, fish, ride and picnic in the Tonto National Forest.

Tonto National Forest has the highest fees in the United States. Who allows a few bureaucrats to make such regulations? Do you remember voting for such things?

Spent just a few minutes looking at fees for Roosevelt: $10 to camp, $6 to launch a boat, $90 for year-round launching. This is in addition to a fishing license and boat and trailer registration.

The “Service” complains about a lack of manpower and funds ... maybe if they stopped being policemen trying to enforce fee charges and spent more time enforcing littering violations, e.g., at Flowing Springs, we could feel they really were performing a service.

By the way, when are we going to see the logging industry catch a break and start cleaning up the woods?

Ted Paulk


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