Just When You Thought You Had Seen It All



When I moved to Payson from Los Angeles, Calif., I thought I had seen my fair share of poor integrity, but nothing prepared me for what occurred today.

As I left to take my son to school this morning, my cat, Atticus ran inside bleeding from his nose, and his eye bulging and bleeding. I quickly decided he had a scuffle with an angry squirrel and decided to take him to the vet. After examination and X-rays I received the phone call that he had actually been shot with an air rifle, and the pellet had gone through the bridge of his nose, and had torn through the back of his eye and was lodged in his pallet.

I was told he may or may not survive and his eye is now blinded, and the size of a strawberry. I can’t help but wonder why? Why did someone do this to an innocent animal?

He has been in two vets’ offices today, and so far it has cost me, $700 to repair the cruelty inflicted on my furry family member, that is very much a part of our family. I can’t express the grief our family has endured today. Gee ... just when you thought you had seen it all.

Robin Roenker


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