Nothing Has Changed



Nearly one year ago I submitted a guest editorial in which I faulted the superintendent of PUSD and the board of education. I noted decisions made without public input, the layoffs based on vendettas, the “bunker mentality” of educational leaders, and the ignoring of common best practices when making decisions.

Particularly noted was a lack of public knowledge of objective learning outcomes for students that should be a huge part of any decision-making process for staffing and cuts. I see little progress. We now have at least one new board member who appears frustrated by procedures and a lack of requested information. We have a superintendent who obviously is not committed to staying in Payson.

We have staffing decisions that defy the reasons for firings a year ago (PHS). We have teachers who likely are feeling unrepresented and fearful of being fired. I see little administrative effort to be collegial toward staff and more open to the public. I see no change unless three members of the board and the superintendent awaken or leave. When will some learn that education is about advancing the human condition, not the personal agenda?

John Lemon


Tim Fruth 5 years, 8 months ago

You absolutely nailed it once again. I think I read that the supe Casey O'Brien loved it in Payson since he had such a supportive board. Wonder why he would be looking elsewhere. Must be more to the story.


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