Two-Day Closure Of Black Canyon Lake Scheduled May 17,18


A temporary closure is scheduled for Black Canyon Lake and the surrounding area on May 17 through 18, on the Black Mesa Ranger District of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests.

The height of Black Canyon Lake Dam is being increased, and blasting near the dam is required to complete the project.

Black Canyon Lake and the surrounding area will be closed to protect public health and safety.

The specific area that will be affected by the closure is the one-quarter mile radius surrounding Black Canyon Lake, but excluding the south and west side of National Forest Service Road (NFSR) 86.

All of NFSR 86A will be closed. A section of NFSR 86. NFSR 9562 will also be closed where it intersects the one-half mile buffer around Black Canyon Lake (approximately one-half mile from the intersection of NFSR 9562 and NFSR 86).

Blasting is planned to occur during the middle of the week to avoid the higher volume of use associated with the weekends.

The area will be closed effective at midnight Monday, May 16 and will expire at midnight Wednesday, May 18.

A closure sign and barricade will be placed at NFSR 86 and NFSR 86A intersection during the closure.

A closure sign and barricade will also be placed on NFSR 9562 where it intersects the closure buffer around Black Canyon Lake.

Other areas currently open to recreational fishing on the Black Mesa Ranger District will remain open.

Please check the 593 Public Information Line for further updates by dialing 593 or 928-333-3412 or on the Web site or the ASNF’s Web site at



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