Zoning Rule Should Not Be Changed



And the debate goes on and on and on for years and years.

In regard to the May 10, editorial, I would like to respond. I live on Underwood Lane within the 300-foot rezoning proposition. One of the remarks referred to the council respecting the Underwoods’ property rights. What about the 84 percent of the residents’ rights that oppose this issue?

Yes, the Underwoods have a right, but they are asking the council to increase their rights.

We all invested heavily into our future to build and reside here. When we bought, we were buying into an area that was zoned two acres and that was one of the deciding factors of choosing this area. In addition to the 84 percent of residents opposing, the zoning commission voted 5-1 against the one-acre proposal. How much more opposition do we need?

The Underwoods set up the two-acre lots, now they decide to change the rules, so that it will benefit them financially, after the rest of us are settled in.

It is not only arrogant, it is disrespectful to all their neighbors. Mr. Foil’s remark of “exaggerated fears of the neighbors”... well they are not exaggerated to the residents of the development.

In closing, another remark that was expressed at the council meeting was from a lady that said “I love where I live,” well so do the Underwood Lane residents, that is why we settled here.

Mr. & Mrs. John Kirkpatrick


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