Hellsgate Awards Potluck Honored Many


The weather is still kind of upside down. Since this column is written on Tuesday, I don’t know if the promised rain has arrived. Hopefully there is enough rain to alleviate the fire danger to our dry forests.

There have been complaints regarding the “open range” cattle that have been grazing around the Village, but I hope that they realize that this is also a good thing. The cattle are eating the low brush that could be the impetus to a forest fire.

As I have stated before, be a bit more cautious driving around the Village. The cattle are not aware of the roadway, and could be just standing in the way. Please go slow coming through anywhere in the vicinity including the road into the Village.

Hellsgate Fire Department

This past Saturday evening, an awards potluck was held at the Star Valley fire station for many of the firefighters in various categories. Chief Hatch welcomed all firefighters and their families.

The firefighters this past year have gone above and beyond the call of duty with many activities that helped people and causes such as helping to cut wood for the winter for an injured Life Star medic; shaved heads in support of Jessica Barnett; wore pink T-shirts in October in support of breast cancer; worked at brush pick up for 13 communities; held free CPR classes for the community; trained the Boy Scout Fire Safety Badge; Supported Big Brothers Big Sisters; participated in Tamales for Tots and the Relay for Life. These are just a few of the many ways the Hellsgate Fire Department firefighters have supported our community this past year.

Chief Hatch presented a special recognition award to Jeffrey Yunkans and Bill Dupke from the Humane Society.

Years of service awards went to George Karrys, Bobby Mollere, Rick Washburn, Brei Miller, Nick Degroot, Bill Beller, Chad Stluka, Jay Wagner and John Ceja.

Graduation recognition to Bobbie Doss and Nick Degroot for completing the paramedic training with high scores. The Fireflies contributed to the financial costs of their training.

There is a special award called the Yellow Brick Road Award for Heart: Martha Bartlett; Brains: Nick Degroot; and Courage: Zach Hornung.

Chief Hatch recognized the Fireflies for Janet Snyder’s newspaper reports, financial help with the paramedic class, purchasing a generator for station #22 in Tonto Village, the two fund-raisers this past year, and help with the chief’s dinner. Linda Stailey was the cook for this event.

Linda has been a huge asset to the Fireflies with her knowledge of catering and cooking for a large amount of people. Linda has been in the food business for at least 30 years and is widely known in the area for her expertise in food handling.

The Fireflies are most fortunate to have Linda as a very important part of the Fireflies fund-raisers. She is indispensable. Thank you Linda for all your hard work to help make our Memorial Breakfast and the Labor Day Barbecue a resounding success, and for your unselfish knowledge of food handling and sharing that knowledge. Linda will be wearing a red apron on the Memorial Weekend breakfast on May 28.

Stop by and give her a special thank you.

The serving of breakfast will start at 8 a.m. at the fire station in Tonto Village with a great menu at a reasonable price of $5 for biscuits and gravy, sausage, scrambled eggs, juice and coffee.

There will also be a new addition this year with a bake sale featuring breakfast and brunch items that will include homemade jams and jellies. How about trying grapefruit jam put up by Carol Gustafson from Ellison Creek Summer Homes or homemade potato rolls baked by Rita Spalink? How about a Texas Sheet Cake baked by Hellsgate board member Gloria Alliger? There will be a variety of goodies to satisfy every taste bud.

Birthdays and anniversaries

Ashley Figueroa, operations supervisor at National Bank of Arizona, will celebrate her big day on May 23. Ashley always has a big smile and a enthusiastic attitude when I walk in to take care of my banking business.

Grant Coley of Tonto Village II and Mike Preston of Tonto Village III share their birthday on May 25.

Alice Andreas of Tonto Village III has her big day on May 27. Alice shares her day with former Tonto Village III residents Gary and Charlie Martin who will celebrate 44 years of marriage. Both Alice and the Martins make frequent trips to the Village to visit old friends. Happy anniversary to the Martins and happy birthday to everyone on their special day.

Double D Doings

Last Tuesday evening the nine-ball ladies took to the tables and Linda Stailey shot for first place, followed by Sharon Marksbury of Kohl’s Ranch in second, and Ethel Cain shooting for third place.

Thursday evening, the guys took over the pool tables. The winners were Harvey Poyner, James West of Christopher Creek and Joe Ferriera of Houston Mesa. Congratulations to the winners.


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