Zoning Is In Place To Protect Property Owner



I guess not everyone knows the facts! First, when the Underwoods acquired the property it was zoned R1-D90 — that’s 90,000 square feet per home. Yes, they agreed to these conditions.

Not once in my life have I purchased land with the intent to rezone just so I could make more money! Not one other developer of Payson 3 Unit 1 subdivision has asked or received a zoning change and were more than happy to develop their property within the town zoning! Not one of the people in opposition to this zoning change has ever said or even wanted to prevent the Underwoods from developing their property, that is their right as property owners.

They have the right to develop their property, and they have the right to try to rezone, and we have the right to lobby against rezoning.

All those in opposition have the right to expect the town of Payson would protect the zoning in place. All of the people that have built their homes have a reasonable expectation that right next to their

would remain zoned that way, not changed to double the density of theirs.

The Payson general plan states “there must be a need in order to grant a zoning change.” With over 60-plus, one-acre homesites for sale currently and over 300 one-acre homesites setting undeveloped, there is obviously no need for this rezoning. So before you say that we are trying to force them to sell their property at a loss, remember that when you think about the fact that they invested approximately $5,000 per acre, only the worst possible business person would take a loss when the average two-acre homesite sell upwards of $150,000.

Think about the next time you buy a new car and it comes with a three-year warranty, but after you invested your hard-earned money, you’re informed that the car company won’t make enough profit with that warranty, so they want to change the rules! When the Underwoods bought this property they new the rules, but now they want to change them to suite their pocketbook disregarding the 85 percent opposition that’s already invested their hard-earned money.

As to the question do we really need two-acre parcels? Apparently the answer is yes, because not only are they in higher demand, but given that many folks live on two-acre or larger lots that speaks a resounding yes, otherwise why would the town have this zoning in the first place?

There is zoning that’s R1-175 zoning requiring four acres per home, also set forth by the town. Zoning is what’s put in place to attract people to a particular neighborhood in the first place and also there to try and protect your investment as a property owner — so let’s not lose sight of that fact!

Marty Lamb


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