No Apples For Payson Teachers



The teachers who are scheduled to be laid off at the end of the school year are still hard at work in the classroom, still under contract with the PUSD. In the meantime, new teaching positions have opened up within the district. Great news, right! No need to lay off all these teachers with open positions available. Perhaps we can save one teacher from the indignity of the unemployment, in a community, where if you’re a teacher, the PUSD is the only game in town. If the school board could save just one job ... that would be something to celebrate, a noble cause.

After all, these are dedicated professionals, many with years of service to the district.

If you thought this, as I did, you would be wrong. The PUSD has no plans to offer these teachers the open positions; they will have to apply like they just rolled into town. Remember, these teachers are still under contract, they are still employees of PUSD, and now there are open positions. Is this really a layoff, or is it something else? I see very thin ice here; careful now.

The school district will tell you there’s no fair way to assign the position — balderdash! The school district just invented a system to lay off the teachers (a rubric) — use it now to save someone’s job!

Doesn’t that make sense? Not to the PUSD; they will be posting the positions statewide. Ask yourself, are they laying off teachers or replacing them without cause. Why would they do such a thing? I guess at the PUSD you just replace teachers when they get too old, if the boss doesn’t like them, or if it’s politically expedient to do so. Enough is enough! Our school teachers deserve better, don’t they?

Edward Price


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