Solution For Three Problems



It seems these days that we are in dire need of jobs. The Midwest is in urgent need of flood control and the Southwest needs drought control. So why don’t we combine the three?

During the Great Depression, FDR put people to work on highways, bridges, dams and other projects that we still benefit from today. Instead of another wasteful “stimulus package” or corporate “bailout,” we need to take it upon ourselves and do the same thing he did.

Massive floods along the Mississippi! How many springs do we hear that? This time of year in the Southwest it’s fire dangers. So why don’t the flooding states send the dry states their excess water?

California and Arizona have over 2,500 miles of water canals and aqueducts between them, and it is less than that distance to the Mississippi from here!

Put in canals and aqueducts from the wet states to the dry ones, and you’ll take care of our massive unemployment problem by creating thousands of jobs. Upon the completion of the project the Midwest states will see their floodwaters going over a spillway and down a canal never to cause deaths and billions of dollars in damage again.

And out here we will be free of water restrictions, be able to control our dry times better, have more resources to fight a large fire, and ultimately create local jobs and prevent deaths and billions of dollars in damage from happening to us.

It is not an impossible dream, and could solve a lot of problems for a lot of people. And we wouldn’t have to drain the Colorado dry every year anymore.

Hoop Bramoff


Tim Fruth 5 years, 8 months ago

I like it. Critical thinking combined with creative solutions.


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