Thank You, Ed Blair



In explaining the reasoning behind his “No” vote on the rezoning from two acres to one acre for the parcel of land owned by Patrick and Barbara Underwood situated off Tyler Parkway, Councilman Ed Blair summarized eloquently and factually the most pertinent issues regarding the property in question. Blair cited specific reasons taken from the Planning and Zoning Commission’s 6-1 vote against the proposal including comments from nearby property owners and specific facts and figures to illustrate his position.

In contrast, Councilmember Su Connell and Mayor Kenny Evans offered a somewhat patronizing and rambling rationale for their positions that lacked a factual specificity that one might have expected. The mayor declared he supported the project because it would allow an additional “five homes that people will live in.” The remaining four councilmen — Michael Hughes, Fred Carpenter, John Wilson and Rick Croy — voted approval without any comment or explanation whatsoever.

The large group of citizens who had done their homework and opposed the zoning change in their neighborhood deserved compelling reasons (a requirement for zoning changes) from the six councilmembers approving the unpopular zoning change. Not one was offered.

Elizabeth Gruber


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