Living In A Dictatorship



At last week’s council meeting I watched in disbelief as the mayor and five council members ignored 85 percent of their constituents and approved the rezoning of the Underwoods’ 15-acre parcel. With overwhelming opposition and a 5 to 1 vote against it by the planning and zoning commission, I saw the dictatorship of Mayor Evans and his five followers bulldoze over the solid arguments of the majority of nearby residents to this new development.

I guess the $3,000 contribution to the PATS fund by the Underwoods helped pave the way for their decision.

Just when you think you live in a democracy, you’re hit in the face by such a shameful group of politicians. All of you but Ed Blair should be ashamed of yourselves for selling out for such a trivial sum.

I suppose whether we want 6,000 students flooding our town from ASU or not won’t be up to the citizens either. That seems to have been decided for us by a few elitist!

Wake up Payson and get involved before it’s too late and we let the politicians ruin our beautiful town!

Marty Lamb


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