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A recent contributor provided a 15-year-old water history reference. It’s humorous to resurrect an article uncommunicated when published, based on their real estate vocation. Pine and Strawberry homeowners have lived with minor water outages on and off for years, and have survived quite nicely thanks.

The PSWID minority customer base would have you believe their solutions are in your best interest. The PSWID majority customer base is currently paying the bill. Why would the minority want to change that? In their definition, it’s progress. For the rest of us — it’s removing dollars from our billfolds without compensation.

Fact: Since January 1, 2011 bills have increased from $18 to $38 a month. Customers are asking “why”? The “promise” of water tomorrow is a fallacy. PSWID customers are suspicious with good reason.

Fact: PSWID allows an “extra 3,000 gallons” to “make up” for the extra monthly charge. The majority of PSWID customers don’t consume 3,000 gallons a month. Perhaps the PSWID board should answer who benefits from the water giveaway? The majority conserves water.

Fact: The PSWID board won’t hold meetings when convenient for the customer majority. The PSWID board should want the majority to understand their processes and be more open, yet not one weekend meeting offering.

Fact: The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) oversees and regulates water legislation for the majority of Arizona water entities. PSWID chose to “go around” the ACC as a private corporation so their public operation wouldn’t be held ACC accountable. Current oversight is the Gila County Board of Supervisors. Does this entity have the experience to mitigate public water companies?

Fact: Home owning PSWID customers pay their fair share of taxes and fees. These costs aren’t “fixed costs,” they’re best defined as “sunk costs.” Responsible homeowners understand the difference. To segregate PSWID customers out as single vs. second homeowners has no relevance to PSWID’s operation. Safe to say prudent homeowners watch money expenditures.

Fact: Water has been accessible for years. “Old-timers” and former private water company owners agree. Water has been used as a fear factor for decades. Only those who want to separate you from your money want you to believe otherwise. Water is precious. Agreed. Just overlook the “free 3,000 gallons a month” statement. If you disagree the area has accessible water, explain the Portals development — or the Strawberry Mountain development? Come to your own conclusion.

This ongoing issue can’t get more simple. If you use water ... pay for what you use.

Allow your voice to be heard, and have a safe and restful Memorial Day Weekend.

Michael Warren, Pine/Gilbert


Bernice Winandy 5 years, 8 months ago

The PSWID Board has approved a proposed fiscal year budget. It will be voted upon for final approval (or disapproval) on June 23. Please try to attend that meeting. A copy of the proposed budget can be obtained at the the PSWID office. It will also be printed each Tuesday and Friday in the Legal Notices section of the Payson Roundup.

Submit any and all questions concerning the budget you might have to PSWID. I have been told that all questions must be submitted before the June 23 meeting.

I have one questions for PSWID: Why were the budget planning meetings held in such away that prevented public knowledge that the meetings were taking place?


Bernice Winandy 5 years, 8 months ago

The PSWID Board has approved a proposed 2011-2012 fiscal year budget. The budget will be voted on at the June 23 meeting. Please try to attend the meeting. A copy of the budget can be obtained from the PSWID office. The budget will also be printed in the Legal Notices section of the Payson Roundup each Tuesday and Friday up to June 23.

Send budget questions to the PSWID Board. I understand that all questions have to be submitted prior to the June 23 meeting.

Currently, I have one question for the Board: Why did you hold the budget planning meetings in such a way that prevented the public from knowing that the meetings were taking place?


Bernice Winandy 5 years, 8 months ago

Please accept my apologies for the double entry. I thought I had eliminated the first entry. If the paper can remove it, please do.


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