Payson’S Rodeo Committee Made A Bad Decision



It is not about tradition or the money or bringing people to our little town, it is about doing the right thing. The Arizona equine community has closed parks, and canceled many events to keep the herpesvirus-1 from spreading.

Queen Creek has closed its horse park, WestWorld horse arena events have been canceled to keep this decease in check but, no, not our rodeo committee. Even after the chairman, Bill Armstrong, was contacted with legitimate concerns his reply was, “we are having the rodeo unless the feds tell me to shut it down.”

It is wonderful to know that you think so much about the equine community in Payson. It’s also nice to know that although others shut down their events “because it was the right thing to do” this moral does not apply to our rodeo committee or to Payson.

If by chance a horse came to the rodeo and had the virus, the arena is now infected and can infect other horses that come into the arena and continue to spread the herpesvirus-1 where we live. Further, if a horse came that was infected, there could now be a spread of the disease from horse to horse in Payson.

So, I guess the first statement I made was incorrect. The rodeo was about the money, because it sure wasn’t about caring for the equine community or doing the right thing. Of course, if the virus came to Payson horses, the rodeo committee would not have to pay for their vet care, or putting them down, so what do they care?

Michael and Lisa Faircloth


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