Remembering Longtime Christopher Creek Resident


Hello again, fellow Creekers.

I got this nice letter submitted to me and thought it would be neat to share.

My name is Alexis Dho and my mother’s name was Shelly Hansen. Longtime resident of Christopher Creek for about fifteen years. She was very involved in the community of Christopher Creek and she was quite well known and very, very loved. Some of her best friends still reside in Christopher Creek.

In 2003 she was diagnosed with stage four cancer and fought a hard fight. She was such a fighter. It was a shock to the community when she passed away in 2006.

The community came together for me and my little brother and packed the little church full to only standing room for her funeral. Mikey Marazza, the previous writer of this column, was close with my mom and wrote a beautiful article in December 2006 about her called “the hardest column I have ever done.” She is dearly missed.

Everyone knew her favorite color was red. That was the bright color everyone wore to her funeral. This would have been her 51st birthday this May 19th. Usually I go to her grave and release balloons but this year I am doing something different. She spent her last birthday at Roosevelt Lake when she turned 46. It was one of her favorite places. This year I will get on our boat, go to the middle of Roosevelt and release 51 red balloons in her honor. She was such a cherished woman to me and many others, it’s a moment I would love to share.

Nothing like a nice letter to get us all in the spirit of Memorial Day. Please consider thanking a service member, helping out at a veterans’ charity or doing something nice for someone this Memorial Day.

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Thanks again for reading the column.


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