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Don’t spread it around, but Payson has a new lunch stop. It’s clever, too. It includes lots of interesting, fun stuff to see. Oh, and the food is delicious. It’s served from a red box and you can eat outside under the canvas tent or inside among the fantastic antiques.

It’s called The Diner at Granny’s Attic (on 260). I took my 10 relatives from Philadelphia to a place that boasts Philly cheese steaks. I fully expected to hear, “It’s not like they make ’em in Philly.” To my surprise and delight, they all smiled and said, “These are great. Pass the onion rings.”

They are open for lunch and serve burgers, corn dogs, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, Philly cheese steaks (and chicken), fries, onion rings and probably more. But that’s pretty much what my gang ordered.

I’m only telling you because I don’t want the place to close down. But don’t tell everyone. I want a place in line, too.

Nancy Ward


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