Thanks For The Help



I am an eighth-grader at Rim Country Middle School and for the past three months have been participating in fund-raising to help fund a Pacific Coast marine biology and science tour to San Diego over spring break.

I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of myself and the close to 100 other students who are hoping to embark on this great opportunity of learning, to thank the entire community for helping all of us earn the necessary funds to participate.

Every one of us appreciate all of the candy bars and baked goods you have purchased, all the times you have let us wash your car, spaghetti dinner tickets and burros you have purchased, the cars you let us park and trash we were allowed to pick up at the fair and all of the generous donations that you have made. Without your support, most of us would not be able attend this spectacular event.

I would like to personally thank my mom, who works long hours and still finds time to help with my fund-raising events, Marlene Armstrong for putting together all of these fund-raisers, keeping track of all our money and working so hard to keep us focused on our goal, Jolynn Schinstock who has helped with multiple events and included me in all of them and all the other parents that have been involved and have helped make these events possible and successful.


Montanna Rhodes


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