Thanks For A Successful Year Of Post-Secondary Education Fairs



I want to express my deepest appreciation to all the vendors that attended one or both of our Gila County education fairs this year! I know I don’t have to tell you how important it is for our students to be exposed to the vast number of opportunities your organizations provide. It is so important for our rural students to begin to see outside the shelter of their hometowns and the existence of true attainment of their future goals! Your participation is invaluable in that process.

We are going back to the drawing board and thinking about what is working with our fair and what is not. Please provide us with your feedback on both and we will include it in our decision process for next year.

We plan on having both a northern and southern fair again in 2012 and for those that did not attend one or the other, we would hope that you would reconsider and include both in your recruiter tour schedule. As soon as I have dates for both, I will let everyone know our plans.

If you are aware of schools that are currently not on your recruitment tour, but think they would be a good fit for our fairs, please send them our way. We would love to include them in our invitations!

Many thanks for your continued support of our efforts in hosting the post-secondary fair. We hope to complement our fairs with other related events throughout the year targeting different age groups. Your ideas and experience are welcome in assisting us with our planning process. We will make sure to keep you informed of these projects and hopefully have your participation as well.

Our hope is to ensure students have post-secondary education in their mindset from the start!

We understand how valuable and limited your time and financial resources are, and we are grateful for your continued support of Gila County students. We know that our students are capable and deserving of achieving any and all of their future aims.

Thank you for understanding and encouraging their worth as much as we do!

Noelle Anderson, assistant,

Gila County Education Service Agency


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