Grateful To Military Members



A few years back a young man attended an early morning seminary class that I taught to high school seniors. Like his father before him and his older brother, he signed on with the United States Army to serve his country. His dad is a decorated warrior from the Vietnam and the Persian Gulf Wars as well as a retired Arizona law enforcement officer. The older brother is a career soldier, assigned to a difficult and dangerous unit.

This last summer, the young man that I taught nearly lost his life when an I.E.D. exploded near his feet while in combat in Afghanistan. I think it was his third or maybe fourth tour of duty over there.

These are good and humble men. They don’t ask for recognition or honors, they just saw the need to serve.

Do you ever wonder where we find men from one family that are willing to sacrifice so much for us? When we are raising our boys, we may think about what manner of men we should we be raising. Clearly, a mom and dad did their part and set a standard for their home.

So many of our old battle hardened veterans suffer from wounds and PTSD and even so have a great love for their country.

I am grateful for all those who have served all of us and did their part to protect me and my family.

Gordon H. Gartner


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