More Snow And Rain Expected This Weekend On The Rim

The Heber Overgaard area received about six inches of snow Monday and more snow is expected this coming weekend on the Mogollon Rim.

The Heber Overgaard area received about six inches of snow Monday and more snow is expected this coming weekend on the Mogollon Rim.


The snow we received at the beginning of the week rapidly melted and a few cold nights ensued after the front passed.

The lookout for us this weekend has a chance of rain/snow mixed showers Saturday and Sunday with lows in the mid 20s and daytime highs reaching the upper 40s.

The Navajo County Public Works has readied its snow removal equipment for the season as we have witnessed as of late, a cycle of snow has begun for our area. Navajo County has an extensive rural road responsibility that they carry and some have complained of, “When are they going to plow my road?”

“We try to be as proactive as we can with our snow removal efforts,” commented Assistant County Manager Dusty Parsons.

“We know that our emergency responders, schools, businesses, tourists and residents need the freedom to get from A to B without a significant disturbance due to the weather, and we try to accommodate those needs as best we can.”

The first priorities are the bus routes and arterial roads. These classifications are considered the main transportation corridors in the county and every effort is made to keep these roads safe for traffic during the entire snow event.

The next priority is the minor and residential roads. The snow removal for these roads is undertaken as resources of the Public Works Department are made available in light of the first priorities. As we head deeper into our winter season, it is the needs of our community for snow removal by the Navajo County Public Works required at times to navigate our way around the community.

Deputy Chief Mike Brewer is leading a campaign to inform residents of the importance of heating inspections regarding their chimneys and propane equipment. He states, “Winter is rapidly approaching and I would like to get this info out to the public for everyone to check their wood burning appliances, pellet stoves, and propane appliances. There is a great amount of info available to the public to help them better understand the need for maintenance and inspection of these devices.”

The Heber Overgaard Fire Department has some of those resources listed at the bottom of their web page. Please log onto the internet and go to:, then navigate to the bottom of their page for those resources.


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