Who Wants A One Dollar Coin?



We are getting closer and closer to the Super Committee deciding where we need to cut. It seems that all sorts of crazy cut ideas are being thrown out there, including one from Arizona’s own Congressman David Schweikert.

He proposes that we switch from dollar bills to dollar coins. He says it will save a few hundred million over 30 years. It’s these crazy ideas that keep Congress stuck.

Nobody wants the dollar coin. If they did, people would use them now. There’s nothing stopping us. In fact, the Treasury has over one billion coins waiting to be used.

They are gathering dust because Congress in the late ’90s mandated their production. But instead of cutting our losses on the dollar coin, Congressman Schweikert wants to double down on it. Typical Congress. Not wanting to admit a mistake.

Helen Mathis

P.S. I loved Mr. Garrett’s Nov. 4 piece on making sure you notice all of life’s views. Great piece.


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