The Community Of Christopher Creek Lost A Good, Caring Man


I received a call the other day that a very special man who was part of our family for almost 20 years had passed away.

I could not believe what I was hearing. I thought this must be a mistake. This cannot be true. But it is and today we say goodbye to a wonderful man, a good-hearted man, a mentor, and someone we could always count on. George Billings passed away last week.

This following article was submitted by Mikey Marazza.

George was my friend. He was my daughter’s godfather. He was a good father and grandfather. He was a man who helped a lot of people in this community.

George and Doris bought a home on the creek on Ashby Lane in 1993. Doris loved the creek. They fixed it up and many holidays and memories were made in that little house on the creek. Years later they decided to build a home so they bought a lot in the Brooks in C-Canyon and built a log home which they called the Bear House.

We continued many more holidays with George, his family and ours, and many, many friends in that home. Back in 2004 George put together the first Christopher Creek Car Show. Around 60 of George’s friends rolled into Christopher Creek with their street rods, classic cars, trucks and more. That weekend they raised $1,000 for the Christopher/Kohl’s Fire Department, and for years after, many more car shows followed to help the fire department and the businesses in the area.

George was also a big part of many of the benefits held for residents of the community. George used to be a repo man and if someone needed a car he would be there to help out.

He found cars for many residents in Christopher Creek. He also helped many to buy a home or a business. If George liked you, he was there for you. He was the type of man you could always count on. George had a sense of humor which I loved about him. George could make me laugh.

I remember the time George, Frank and Dr. Jeff Ronn went on a trip to Alaska. They were flown in by a small plane with a guide/cook, a tent and everything they supposedly needed for their stay.

Things were OK when they first got there, but then the weather turned nasty. It started to snow and get really windy and cold, not quite the fun time they expected. They were bedded down and did not know if the weather would ever get better.

They were there for the stay and the food wasn’t all that great and not quite enough for three big guys. They about froze, but they did get some really great pictures. Especially of the grizzly bears. I remember when they got back and I will never forget the phone call from George. I loved his funny way even though his language was atrocious. That was just George. You had to love him. I asked him how his trip was, and then he started. He said, “Mikey, I blanken froze and the weather was blanken blanken cold and I am blanken blanken hungry, and I am blanken never doing that again.” And I said, “So in other words, George, you had a great time.”

I laughed so hard I was crying. That was George he made me laugh. He was always there if you needed anything, he said just call me, and he would be there. That’s the kind of person he was. George was a good father, and a great husband to his wife Doris. Doris has been having a rough time for a while and George has been there every step of the way to help her.

He has been her rock. His favorite saying to me when he would see me was, “Did you miss me?” — Well yes, I miss you, George, and we all will miss you, but we will never ever forget you.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. May the Lord be with you all in your time of need. For we have lost an amazing, caring man who we will never forget.

I have not wrote for several years and I find this very hard to write for its extremely hard to say goodbye to someone you have known for years, someone who has been part of your family. Someone you wish you did not have to say goodbye to.

We love you, George.


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