Prosecutor Wrong About Dr. Lowe



I am writing to add a different perspective to the character assassination of Dr. Lowe. My personal experience with him as my primary care doctor has been that he is a very caring and compassionate person able to communicate a type of medical care lacking in some other doctors. It even extended to making two house calls to see my wife. How rare is that?

The portrait of him as a diabolical mercenary driven opportunist is wrong and unfair. If anything, the prosecutor is the one with the warped perspective. She wove the circumstantial web upon which the disgraceful case was based, not he.

I believe she disgraced herself, the county and court by her behavior. It’s no wonder many hold lawyers is low esteem. It’s a classic example of prosecutorial overreach.

As for the family that ignored her for years, they are the true mercenaries with little regard for her except for the money.

H.R. Moran


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