Thanks To Theater For Showing Movie ‘Courageous’



I wish to take this opportunity to offer a public thank you to the management of the Sawmill Theatres. The movie, “Courageous,” is presently showing because a group of local citizens requested that it be brought to Payson.

This movie points out the need for fathers to be fathers. It seems a simple premise, but one of the problems in today’s society is that there are too many families with an absentee father for whatever reason, whether it is alcohol, drugs, or just the demand of the job.

“Courageous” addresses this issue when a group of policemen acknowledge their responsibility to be fathers who are a positive, Godly role models for their children. Men who have integrity, honesty, discipline, faith and honor.

The message is a good one and I am thankful the Sawmill Theatres acted on the request of concerned people to bring this movie to the attention of the residents of our town.

I trust many will go to see the movie, “Courageous.”

Cindy Diehl


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