Unity Of Payson Begins Formal Services This Sunday


After more than 10 months of work, Unity of Payson will begin formal Sunday services this month.

It will be a place of fellowship; a place of meditation and prayer; and a place to grow spiritually.

A core group of 25 to 35 Rim residents has been working since January to get Unity of Payson started. It has hosted a weekly Prayer and Meditation Study Group Thursdays and a Unity Book Study Group Fridays.

It is now an official church affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries and will have regular Sunday services beginning Nov. 20 at the office of the Central Arizona Board of Realtors, 600 E. Hwy. 260. The services are at 10 a.m. and will be led by visiting ministers from around the state.

The first minister to serve the new Unity of Payson group will be Meghan Smith of Unity of the White Mountains.

Among the members of the core group are John Roethlein and Lynette Brouwer, who discussed Unity of Payson with the Roundup.

“Payson has been kind of a Unity void,” Brouwer said. She and her husband were traveling to Phoenix every week to attend services.

They explained Unity is pandemoninational — members believe truth is in all religions, and Unity is a church, not a religion.

“For us, everybody is born perfect and whole. Other faiths believe we are born in sin. We are expressions of God and our job is to let our light shine and there are spiritual principles for everything in life,” said Brouwer.

“We believe nothing is wrong with you, and I like that,” said Roethlein.

Brouwer said in Unity it is believed there is only one supreme presence/power in the universe and it is good.

She said someone not familiar with Unity could come to a service and find the order of things very similar to that in other churches. There will be fellowship before and after, music, a message and time for meditation.

The group has arranged the first three months of services and is planning to have monthly potlucks. Unity of Mesa plans to bring a play to the group in March. There will also be classes to help those new to Unity learn more about it.

The state organization frequently brings in speakers, such as Wayne Dyer, and also presents concerts.

While there are not many teens in the core group, both Brouwer and Roethlein believe Unity of Payson will be a good draw for youngsters.

“It is great for kids. It helps them get in touch with their inner truth, encouraging them to look inside. When kids grow up with that, they are really different and really happy,” Brouwer said.

To learn more e-mail unityofpayson

@gmail.com or call (928) 478-8515.


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