Justice Has Prevailed For Dr. Lowe



I have not known of a local news story that has been more widely discussed than that concerning the criminal charges brought against Dr. Michael Lowe.

As I move about town, I hear the case spoken of by loyal patients of Dr. Lowe and by those unacquainted with him. And the rhetoric is always the same: such charges should not have been filed!

Having been involved in legal work in another state for some years — as a legal-process clerk in a county clerk’s office, secretary in a district attorney’s office and secretary in a private law firm — I know something of the thinking of prosecuting attorneys and criminal investigators. The recognized innocence of a defendant in a criminal case is of no consequence. The only concern is an attempt to convict the individual — at any cost. I cannot begin to imagine the cost to Dr. Lowe in mental anguish.

Dr. Lowe was my doctor before his move to hospice. I can attest to his dedication, his high degree of competence and his kindness as a medical doctor. I shall always remember an incident of some years ago when I had a severe ear infection, was in excruciating pain, and Dr. Lowe admitted me to the local hospital. Without his expertise and dedication to duty, I might have lost hearing in the ear in question.

With Dr. Lowe now in private practice, following his sojourn with hospice, and having been vindicated of the senseless charges brought against him, it is my hope that he will choose to remain in Payson. I want to become re-established as his patient.

While justice has prevailed, I wonder how many years have been subtracted from the life of the good doctor as a result of the cruel judicial nonsense he has been forced to endure.

This is a message to every local medical doctor: You dare not socialize with a patient. Such patient might choose to name you as a beneficiary in his or her will. And today we all know where that could lead.

Carole Emma Mathewson


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